Crockpot Summer Cookout Extravaganza

Who says you need a grill for a summer cookout? Our Crockpot Summer Cookout recipe brings all the flavors of a classic barbecue to your table without the hassle. With ground beef, hot dogs, baked beans, and a medley of mouthwatering condiments, it’s like a summer celebration in a slow cooker!


1 lb ground beef
1 pack of hot dogs
2 large cans of baked beans
1 onion, diced
Ketchup (1/2 cup)
BBQ sauce (1/2 cup)
Mustard (to taste)
Shredded cheese


Start by browning the ground beef in a skillet until it’s perfectly cooked. While the beef is browning, you’re setting the stage for an epic summer feast!
Once the beef is browned to perfection, it’s time to add some delightful hot dog circles to the mix. Brown these circles as well, because who doesn’t love that grilled hot dog flavor?
In your trusty Crockpot, combine the browned beef, hot dogs, diced onion, baked beans, ketchup (1/2 cup), BBQ sauce (1/2 cup), and mustard to taste. These ingredients are like the guest list for your summer party.
Now, it’s Crockpot time! Set the temperature to either low or high and let the flavors meld and mingle. The longer it cooks, the better it gets. The anticipation is mouthwatering!
Just before serving, add an exciting twist to this cookout extravaganza. Sprinkle a generous helping of shredded cheese on top. It’s like the fireworks at the end of your culinary celebration!
Present your Crockpot Summer Cookout with a side of potato chips and let everyone dive into this summer-inspired feast. It’s a taste of sunshine and fun in every bite. Enjoy! ☀️🍴😋

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