4 INGREDIENT DISH (Russian Chicken)

I had this dish for the first time at a friend’s home when she hosted a dinner party. I loved it and asked her to please give me the recipe. When she did I was even more excited when I realized how quick and easy the dish is to prepare because our family is always on a time crunch and I need dinner to be as streamlined as possible. This dish, also known as “Russian Chicken,” is perfect because it is mouth watering delicious and easy to make.

My kids even love it which speaks volumes! They ask what is in the dish, but I haven’t shared the ingredients yet because if I say Russian dressing and Apricot Preserves, they will likely stare at me in silence and then change their mind solely because the ingredients are, well, different. They cannot deny that they love it so I will keep the ingredients to myself and let them guess what flavors they taste!

The contrast of sweet and sour is fantastic and like no other sweet and sour sauce. I like to make my own Russian dressing because it is so easy and the flavor is exceptional. Even my kids’ friends love staying for dinner at our house when I make this chicken. It is now in my “make often” recipe stack and I am sure it will be in yours as well.



8 boneless skinless chicken thighs

¾ -1 cup Red Russian dressing

¾ -1 cup apricot jam/preserves

1 packet dry onion soup mix (Lipton Onion Recipe Soup Mix is 1.8 oz.)


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