Fried Buffalo Chicken Salad

Fried Buffalo Chicken Salad with Ranch Dressing Recipe:


For Fried Buffalo Chicken:

Chicken tenderloins, chopped
All-purpose flour
Seasonings: Lemon pepper, garlic powder, pepper (to taste)
Eggs, beaten
Cooking oil (for pan-frying)
Buffalo sauce (e.g., Frank’s RedHot)

For Salad:

Spring lettuce mix
Tomatoes, diced
Cucumber, sliced
Hard-boiled eggs, sliced
Shredded cheese (your choice)
Cheesy garlic croutons
Ranch Dressing (optional):

You can use store-bought or make your own with mayonnaise, buttermilk, garlic powder, onion powder, dried dill, parsley, chives, salt, and pepper.


  1. Prepare Chicken:

In a bowl, mix flour, lemon pepper, garlic powder, and pepper to create the coating mixture.
Dip each chicken tenderloin in beaten egg, then coat it in the flour mixture, ensuring it’s well coated.

  1. Pan-Fry Chicken:

In a pan, heat oil over medium-high heat (around 5 on the stovetop). Pan-fry the coated chicken tenderloins until golden brown and cooked through. Set aside.

  1. Toss in Buffalo Sauce:

Toss the fried chicken in Buffalo sauce until evenly coated. Adjust the amount of sauce according to your spice preference.

  1. Assemble Salad:

In a large salad bowl, combine the spring lettuce mix, diced tomatoes, sliced cucumber, hard-boiled eggs, shredded cheese, and cheesy garlic croutons.

  1. Add Buffalo Chicken:

Place the Buffalo chicken on top of the salad.

  1. Drizzle with Ranch Dressing (Optional):

If desired, drizzle the salad with ranch dressing.

  1. Serve:

Toss the salad gently to combine all the ingredients, and serve immediately.


Customize the salad with your favorite veggies or toppings.
Adjust the level of spiciness by varying the amount of Buffalo sauce.
If you prefer a homemade ranch dressing, mix together mayonnaise, buttermilk, garlic powder, onion powder, dried dill, parsley, chives, salt, and pepper.
This Fried Buffalo Chicken Salad is a delicious and satisfying meal that’s easy to prepare and perfect for a quick dinner or lunch!

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